Anybody encountering what I think is a bug where you have PLENTY of excess power and it flows through every street but some building just don't receive it? I have whole neighborhoods where the power runs through the street but the buildings don't switch on and it's crippling my city. Thoughts?

FTL: Faster Than Light. I've been eyeing it forever, and screw it, it's $5, why not buy it? So I did, and then I ignored it for a few days and finally got around to playing it last night. This game is addicting! I love it. The trailer video made it seem a bit simplistic, but it has a surprising amount of depth. …

So, Sleeping Dogs. Goddamn, that game is sweet! I don't have a lot of times to play games these days so I tried to avoid buying a lot during the Steam sale since I have at least 15 games which I've never even launched.

One of the people who tweeted about Obama interrupting Sunday Night Football who was apparently the college football player was kicked off the team.

I need some help with Vice City Anniversary. My mother surprised me with an iPhone 5 for Christmas, so I immediately bought the newly-released Vice City. It's fantastic, and I can't get over how good it looks and how smoothly it runs.

I've been listening to Vice City radio stations on youtube during work for the past two days. It's great. Yesterday was my absolute favorite, Emotion 98.3 with Fernando Martinez. Gotta love those power ballads.

Anyone heard of the game Firefall? It's a FPS MMO in beta right now. Apparently it's kind of like an MMO with Halo-type gameplay. It's going to the F2P as well, but it has a big emphasis on the fact that it won't be pay-to-win. My friend dropped $20 for instant beta access plus some perks and I may do the same…


Oh nice! So TAY is still "forum-like" with expanding replies and whatnot? Honestly, that's not so bad then. It's still going to suck on articles with a huge commenting response but at least TAY is here.